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Fixed [44203] MA changed processing items?


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It been an interesting morning in the Magic Academy - Some wild magic must have gotten lose.

When Deadeye Jerry announced the change in the Magic Academy I messaged my Fellowship about the change.
But when "tomorrow" came around I didn't notice anything - and I was producing in all my spots.
Then today one of our members chats that the MA had changed.
I check - My MA is now making Magical Meditation (which I never make) instead of Combining Catalyst -which it should be. Its a couple of hours left - oh, well - no big loss I have a nice stockpile of Catalysts.
Go to harvest - ......
And I get a Combining Catalyst!


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A few minutes ago, I have create a inspiring meditation... And I harvested a inspiring meditation.

Capture d’écran 2023-07-27 191508.png


Same thing for the combining catalyst

Capture d’écran 2023-07-27 192034.png

Capture d’écran 2023-07-27 192008.png
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They just fixed the bug where already produced spells changed if was produced using one spells configuration and gathered using other spells configuration. Now only queued spells are changed when switching configuration. And even spells queue time fixes itself when new spells go into production. That should have been done before the first wave of migration to new tech tree, but was done only before the last one. it would be better if queue follow spell configuration changes, but now at least already produced things are not lost.

Amy Steele

Forum/QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
This issue should now be fixed. If you experience it again, please do not hesitate to let us know!