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Fixed [42749] FA Increased coin value while it should be less


Well, I've been putting my coin instants to use finally. And spending exorbitantly in the Wholesale Trader. They're ripping me off but it's for a good cause. Even then, I can only get 2 or 3 badges before I get tired of the back and forth. Oh! The humanity!


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Actually the coin issue should have been fixed the FA after the higher amount was introduced!!!
Fixing the coin mistake should only be an extreme simple change to one field somewhere in the code....perhaps inno want to collect some data for future increase.....


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They are just waiting around a table wondering what we will and will not catch, like this and the complete disappearance of Dwarven Armories
Thankyou for catching this Lelanya, i just made my second coin badge in 48hrs
To which information are you reffering to regarding you remake about the dwarven armories....are these taken out of the MA altogether ?

Amy Steele

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Elvenar Team
Hi folks! Just a quick reminder that this is the bug report section and not general discussion. Discussions about the availability or otherwise of game items such as Dwarven Armorers, which do not relate directly to the bug reported here are better posted elsewhere on this forum, thank you!

Dorfl the Clay

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I don't know what the dev's did, but it doesn't seem to make much difference... it looks like they decreased the (already with 25%) raised number with 17%.. so effectively it is still 8% more than last Fellowship Adventure.. thanks, I guess?


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For my chapter 3 city coin badges were 330 K earlier in this FA and are now 217 K. This is compared to the 264 K last time.