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Fixed [39409] Neighborhelp - Internal error


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Game version: v1.148-beta.10-(e287cd5) - html5 (2022-02-21 21:23)
Game world: Beta
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Chrome (version 98.0.4758.102 (Official build) (64-bits))
Operating System or Mobile Device: Win10
Screen resolution: 1920x1080
Account name: Droopy
Humans or Elves: Human

Reproducibility: 5/5 (on the same player)

Quest title: -

Current situation:
Giving neighborhelp to our last 2 members of our Fellowship gives Internal Error and game "reboots"

Expected situation:
Give neighborhelp and receive coins and experience points.

Reproduction Steps:
Go to fellowship overview and try to apply neighborhelp to last members (nr. 21 & 22 in our case)

Extra info: 4 members have no ancient wonders, so this seems not to be the problem.
Going into their city also gives an internal error
Also gave it a try with my mobile (1.147.1-83a20f0-256), but "internal error" too.

Screenshots of the bug:
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Me too. There's three members of my FS that give this error. They are not very active but not completely dormant. I can get into their cities but if I try to aid them there it gives the same error.
Just to add that when I visit the city but then try to view them on the map - the map goes back to my city and not to theirs. With the other members of my FS going from their city to the map takes me to their city on the map and not mine.
What is odd is that we have members who are very inactive at the moment and their cities do not behave like this and do not give the error when aided


  • Visiting Map from blocked FS member centres on my city.jpg
    Visiting Map from blocked FS member centres on my city.jpg
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  • visiting map from unblocked FS member centres on their city.jpg
    visiting map from unblocked FS member centres on their city.jpg
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Hi guys,

This should now be resolved. Can you check please and let us know if the fix worked?


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The part of giving neighborhelp is fixed, but when visiting the city of those specific members and then going back to the World map will go to my city instead.


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Yes it's the same for me too. I can give neighbourly help but if I go to the map it centres on my city and not their city. This is only for the three members of my FS that I had a problem with. All other members when I go to the map from their city it stays centred on their city.


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It got imported to live. Please release this beta fix to live as fast as you can.
It works for me on beta, and doesn't work on live.


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Hi @Droopy, can you still reproduce this issue on Beta?
Yes @Marindor, i still have the problem with going to the Worldmap.

Yesterday i removed one of them, because no activity.
I now also have the problem with a player that i had not before and was pretty sure that player was very close or even in my discovered area, but i can't find him anymore on that place.
2 new players joined yesterday are working fine.
It is now again with 2 players (one i removed from the FS yesterday) which i have the problem with. Can you see if one of them is moved on the map recently? ("jan steen" and "kees vogelvanger")
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Hi @Droopy , we are still not able to reproduce this issue. Are these the correct steps?
  • Go into the FS window and visit the players (in your case jan steen or kees vogelvanger).
  • Perform NH
  • Click the WM button
  • You are brought back to your city instead of the World Map

When we try it, we are taken back to the World Map correctly, so are these steps correct?


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Hello @Marindor, the only thing needed for me to reproduce:

  • Go into FS window
  • Click visit from menu on "jan steen" (which brings to his city)
  • Click below on the World Map icon
  • Brought back to my city on the World Map

So giving neighborhelp is not needed to reproduce this.

If i can do something else to help let me know.


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Ah, thanks for the clarification @Droopy . You said earlier that you were taken back directly to your city so I thought you meant into your city itself, but you mean the spot of your city on the World Map. That clarifies it, thanks!


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Sorry for the confusion, indeed the spot of my city on the worldmap.

Looking at the call that comes back from the server: the location coordinates given back by those two players seem to be my location coordinates.


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Looks like an effect of inactive city movement, ch2 city is small enough to be removed from the map in a few days of inactivity. You still can visit them using FS/notifications/ranking list, but they have no coordinates on the map so you see your own city position when go out of their city.
If they become active again - they will be returned to the map (probably to a better place than they were).