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Fixed [38178] Can't hand in last quest


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Game version:v1.140-beta.13-(f459e5c) - html5 (2021-10-19 16:53)
Game world:
Browser/IOS/Android + version: Crhome latest
Operating System or Mobile Device:win10
Account name: Soggy shorts
Humans or Elves:elf


Quest title: (if applicable)

Current situation:
__finish last quest can't see quest giver

Expected situation:
__should see quest giver

Reproduction Steps
finish last quest, observe

it becomes see-through upon completion. Then after refresh just disappears. Can't get Goddess of Wishes.

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Icon is not visible for me too (v1.140-beta.14-(877f38e) - html5 (2021-10-20 23:20)) :



QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Thank you all, we have already passed al the info to our developers team; there's no need to submit other tickets.
Thanks for your comprehension.


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Bug has been fixed. Sort of...
Now I could claim the Goddess of Wishes, but Mrs.Sniffles seems to want to stay in my city. However she disappears after a reset.


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
A fix should have been deployed now. Thank you very much for your patience.

Please could you now refresh your game and then click on the quests. It should be possible to collect the reward now.


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Fullfill one of the standard circular tasks and the quest giver reappear and you can claim the final reward, too