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Fixed [33940] Incorrect end time for event

Enevhar Aldarion

Well-Known Member
Not a bug specific to any OS or version of the game, but more of a programming error, so not going to list all the usual info.

At beginning of game day today, 8pm Oct 14th in the US, event shows 6 days and 9 hours left til the end, but we still have 7 quests remaining. That means when the final quest becomes available, we will only have 9 hours to complete it. This is similar to a previous event when the time would run out without being able to do the final quest at all.

So we either need another 15 hours added to the event, to make the time correct, or have one quest removed, as was done with the last event this happened. If a quest is removed, then the end time would need to be reduced by those 9 extra hours, so that everything syncs up correctly.


Thanks Enevhar, so I'm not alone. :)
Maybe I'm wrong, but I fear the counter lost some hour some days ago.


Right now it shows :

Which would indeed mean event will end Wednesday 10:00 o'clock. :oops:

So after I wake up at ~07:00 I only have 3 hours to do quest #75 "Solve 10 Encounters and/or Solve 10 Spire Encounters & Collect 5 Enchantment items" while at the same time I have to get ready and go to work. :(

Normally it would end Thursday, 02:00, so missing 16 hours somewhere. o_O
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will there be a new building for the last 12 hours or same building? and last question, will there be a daily release of magic ingredients?


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
There will be no new building for the last hours of the event, but there probably will be another daily login bonus.