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Fixed [33176] Badges not counted correctly

  • Thread starter DeletedUser3314
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Game version: v1.111-beta.8-(b383773) (2020-08-07 08:57)
HTML5 Yes/No: Yes
Game world: ZZ1
Browser/IOS/Android + version: https://mybrowser.fyi/report/5f2d1a2e2f33be001596ae01
Flash Player version: -
Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 7 SP1
App version: -
Screen resolution: 1920x1200
Account name: Lord Soth
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5

Current situation:
I just collected enough T1 for 1 Golden Bracelet but somehow I was able to get 2 from the badges.
View attachment 7723
As you can see from screenshot I only collected 1x T1 set (Marble/Planks/Steel).

Was able to do it again, now have 4 Golden Bracelets with only 2 T1 set collected:
View attachment 7724
As you can see from screenshot I collected 2x T1 set

Expected situation:
Only 1 Golden Bracelet counted per T1 set.

Reproduction Steps:
1. Collect 9hr Steel
2. Do other some other stuff, i.e. collect Supplies

3. Collect another 9hr Steel
4. Collect 9hr Marble & Planks
5. Go to badges
6. Collect Golden Bracelet
7. Collect another Golden Bracelet !?

Edit: steps 1 & 2 doesn't seem really necessary.

Doesn't seem to work for Sack of Coins though. :(

I don't seem to be getting double.
I collect my badge,
Leave to start another
The tab turns green again.
Go back to collect badge again
Only one recorded.


If I click to pickup supplies or goods before I go back
They do not count.


Well-Known Member
i just got double wonder society badge after putting 15 ancient KP into my abbys i was able to collect 2 badges ( did spend a 20 AKP 1x10 1x15 (45 total) 5 badges for 45 kp spend , (also when i did spend the 20 kp i was able to collect 2 badges (this wasn't the system before , before it was if u spend 20 u can only collect the badge 1 time)


Well-Known Member
i think i figured out how the ancient knowlegde point bug works

i donated 10 kp to get the badge (didn't collect) , donated 1 extra kp) and i could collect it twice.