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Fixed [26449] D000-b "Core" capacity can be exceeded


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The following issue happened on the live server (en2, to be exact), however there's nothing in the release notes to suggest that it has been fixed here on Beta. Therefor I assume the bug is still here, but I can't check myself because I am not yet in Constructs on Beta. I hope someone can check to make sure.

As the title says, Core level 2 can go over the (supposed) max capacity. Here's a screenshot:

As you can see at level 2 the Core is supposed to have a capacity of 690 Elvarium, yet I was able to collect 708. After I started upgrading the Core to level 3 I was left with 88 Elvarium, and the upgrade costs 620, so that too matches (708-620=88).

I can't say if this bug is exclusive to just level 2, as I upgraded the Core from level 1 to level 2 without reaching the max, and the next upgrade is quite a bit away.


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Um, in my case this happened by simply collecting Hamanium and Elvarium. I didn't cancel the upgrade because at that time I didn't have enough reosurces to even start it (I started the upgrade after taking the screenshot I posted). So in my case the reproduction steps would be:
1) Have a level 2 Core with ~600 Elvarium and ~600 Humanium in store
2) Have 14 Islands, each one producing either Humanium or Elvarium
3) Collect the finished productions from all islands at the same time
4) Observe: Humanium and/or Elvarium capacity is exceeded

I have 4 Zoo and 4 Garden, each producing Elvarium. 3 of them have 2 links, the rest have 3 links. With Core level 2 and 2 links the amount of Elvarium produced is 14, with Core level 2 and 3 links the amount produced is 18. So that's 3*14 = 42 and 5*18 = 90. Total 132 from all 8 buildings.

For the record, I also have level 8 Blooming Trader Guild.


Happened to me too while collection H&E on live, went over max. Nothing to do with cancelling or so.


QA Moderator
Elvenar Team
Ok, you are completely right. Even if my reproduction steps cause the capacity to be exceeded as well, your cases have nothing to do with that. Just a coincidence, two entirely different things have similar results :)
Sorry for the confusion so far. I am deleting my first post in order to prevent further confusions :)

Your cases seem to be related to set bonuses. If the produced amount is too much, the game first calculates the remaining capacity as the maximum collectible amount. But afterwards, the set bonus is applied, which results to excess gain.

Current situation:
Humanium and/or Elvarium capacity can be exceeded by collecting island productions with set bonuses.

Expected situation:
Not to exceed capacity.

Reproduction Steps
Have a D000-b "Core" with Humanium/Elvarium capacity x.
2. Have some islands and place them so that at least some have set bonus.
3. Have y amount of Humanium/Elvarium where y is close to x. (y < x)
4a. Produce Humanium/Elvarium on islands with a set bonus of 150%, production amount being z where z > x - y
4b. Produce Humanium/Elvarium on islands with a set bonus of 200%, production amount being z where z > x - y
4c. Produce Humanium/Elvarium on islands with a set bonus of 250%, production amount being z where z > x - y
5. Collect the production
6a. Observe: Humanium/Elvarium amount ( y + (x - y) * 1,5 = x + 0,5 * (x - y) ===> (since x>y, greater than x) ) exceeds capacity.
6b. Observe: Humanium/Elvarium amount ( y + (x - y) * 2 = x + 1 * (x - y) ===> (since x>y, greater than x) ) exceeds capacity.
6c. Observe: Humanium/Elvarium amount ( y + (x - y) * 2,5 = x + 1,5 * (x - y) ===> (since x>y, greater than x) ) exceeds capacity.