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Fixed [12999] Incomplete hints on cultural building opened for NH


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Game version: v 1.23.4
Game world: Beta1
Browser + version: Google Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87
Flash Player version: 24,0,0,194
Operating System: Windows 10 Famille, 64 bits, version 1607 (14393.693)
Screen resolution: 1680 x 1050
Account name: ChristobaldusMagnus
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5
Quest title: NA

Current situation:
When visiting towns of my neighbors or fellowship members, for my daily help, and hovering over a cultural building marked as opened for help (with the "handshake" icon), the displayed hint appears incomplete: the "Neighborly help" part of the hint, which normally indicates the effect of helping this building and the eventual presence and remaining duration of an "Ensorcelled Endowment" spell, is missing, as can be seen on this screenshot:
Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_2.jpg

Expected situation:
The missing part should be there, as it was the case in previous version, as shown on the following screenshot (from a French live server):
Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_0.jpg

Reproduction Steps:
1. Visit the city of one of your neighbors or FS members
2. Move the mouse cursor above a cultural building that can be helped
3. Check the hint content

Additional screenshots of the bug:
Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_1.jpg
Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_4.jpg

Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_3.jpg
Wrong_hint_on cultural_building_available for NH_5.jpg

Additional comments:
This problem only appears to affect cultural buildings, at least, MH and BH hints I could check were fine.
Even though I reloaded the game page and, even, flushed the navigator cache, the problem remained.
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Elvenar Team
This issue should now be resolved. Should it happen again, please let us know :)