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Ƭнє Ƥισηєєяѕ seeking players with elixir and crystal boosts


Hi all,

From the day our fellowship was founded we have been recruiting players paying attention to the balance in their boosted goods. But as all of you are well aware, the leavings happens more often than the joinings in this game, at least on the Beta server. Hence, our balance was lost due to inactive players who by coincidence had the same boosted goods! Now it seems impossible to find active players, let alone active players with certain boosted goods.

However, we still have hope :) The support and communication in our fellowship is very good. The trading is also very active. All we lack at the moment is some certain boosted goods, which we hope you will provide us with. We need players who have boosted elixir (definitely our first choice) and/or crystal and are actively producing them. If you meet the requirements and would like to join us, please leave a message here or pm me.