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  1. Moncsociusz

    Discussion We need your help: Name the ingredients!

    1. Iron smores 2. Insect nuts 3. Choco swirls 4. Sway petals 5. Macha eggs 6. Hakunamatata 7. Cloud essence 8. Cheeky berries 9. Sentinels 10. Leaf force 11. Cream flower 12. Chilly beans
  2. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    Im in last chapter, have 5k useless relics from almost each, almost all my AWs are on max what I wanted to upgrade, ~480 in lvl. I produce CC continuously, still have a lot even from those as I'm going 30+ in each tourney. If you play only 15+ you still earn loads of relics each week which...
  3. Moncsociusz

    New Game Features Tourney relics for fragments

    What do you guys think it we could use the spare tourney relics for something useful? I have thousands of them on live and I hear a lot of players are struggling with spell fragments. Wouldn't it make sense to have something out of them instead of hoarding them mindlessly in tourneys? At least...
  4. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I'm still waiting for the cauldron :D
  5. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Lucky Little Fin

    In later chapters you will need a lot of THE, and you can spend them on knowledge points ;) but obviously it would be nice to have something more interesting. But I'm happy with the unurium and ascended goods daily chances :P I need it heavily in the last chapetrs.
  6. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    With my main I have 500 lvl and some expensions. I'm at the last chapter. But I can fight my way to the top all the time in the spire. So I don't have resource issues. But the tourney is different. Since the new phoenix I go 30+ but before that only 20. And when each "tent" you had 4...
  7. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    I think they could rebalance the spire to make it a bit less expensive. Like they did with the tourneys. But instead of changing gold, make a new achievable like diamond? Or whatever. There could be more shards, CC, more chances to win the current event relics and because of the temple of...
  8. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Hi guys! Is it true that the is going to be a 4th level in spire? One of my member was asking. I haven't heard about it. Can anybody confirm?
  9. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Release notes version 1.151

    I guess it could be connected to a possible new feature to the MA as well. It's spoilered in the something rustles in the grass thread.
  10. Moncsociusz

    (Spoilers) Something rustles in the grass!

    Spoil us please :D these sound interesting!
  11. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Naturally Amazing

    I guess that's going to be a new achievable avatar judging from the favourite animation ;) and the last may event.
  12. Moncsociusz

    User Interface Improve FA management tools

    I think it would be better if everybody could donate to a common badge collection where mages and AM could donate. So then there world be less badge waste and the server wouldn't freeze continuously return people try to put the badge in at once. Would be crazy easy to keep track. So instead of...
  13. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    Except the Ashen, all the phoenixes have 2 days production.
  14. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    With 5 hour instants, you could win all the fights you need in 3,5 hours :D and save on supplies. But again, this is my take. I think it's great. More than 10% would be ridiculous IMHO. And much better than the 4% EC xD
  15. Moncsociusz

    Discussion Dawn of the Phoenix

    I honestly don't understand why 5% is too little to people. I understand the duration would be better for a day like with the fire phoenix. But what % do you think would be reasonable? You already have the instants to revive even the whole squad. But for example your squad size is 30k (doesn't...