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Recent content by iDavis

  1. iDavis

    Tournament Trophies

    Based on the current game files, we should have tournament trophies, similarly to the current trophies from spire. As we are now receiving bronze trophies for 4, silver for 8 and golden for 12 spire milestones, we will be most likely receveiving trophies for reaching 5, 10 and more than 10...
  2. iDavis

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    @UlyssesBlue so far it's not clear, already created bug report is waiting for a response.
  3. iDavis

    Not a Bug Missing some set buildings connection bonuses

    Game version: v1.130-beta.8-(191f190) - html5 (2021-05-18 09:06) Game world: Beta 1 Browser/IOS/Android + version: Operating System or Mobile Device: Windows 10 Screen resolution: Account name:[/B] iDavis Humans or Elves: Humans Reproducibility: 5/5 Quest title: (if applicable) Current...
  4. iDavis

    Discussion Sorcerers' Homecoming

    All the new buildings from this event are now public on my portal, space for daily prizes is prepared here. Since last event a couple of changes were made on the website, including: Set feature - set buildings are now fully operational and each building can be displayed together with it´s...
  5. iDavis

    Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    @edeba the number is multiplied by the required culture in your city (the same with aw2).
  6. iDavis

    time warp + polar bear

    It´s a sum - number of percent from Timewarp + number of percent from Polar bear. So in your case, 17+12=29, so 16/100*(100-29) = 11.36. Also, timewarp at lvl 30 and polar bear at stage 10 makes 100% reduction.
  7. iDavis

    Discussion The Fairy Queen's Garden

    May event buildings are now the part of my database portal. Space for tracking may event daily prizes is prepared on the All Events subpage. Since the last event a couple of improvements were made on the website, including an implementation of new language system. There is currently one more...
  8. iDavis

    Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    Sentient goods values in event buildings for ch18 seem to be fixed, so no crazy productions as it looked like..
  9. iDavis

    Discussion Chapter 18 - Team Spirit

    All the buildings in my database portal have been regenerated to contain the chapter 18 values data. Taking a closer look at new values, it seems like this chapter brings a very interesting increase in mana productions (thanks recent Lava eggs), as well as the sentient goods productions in...
  10. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Most probably, there is going to be something new to test this time. In today´s Q&A on Facebook, they stated something about a new feature coming to the next fellowship adventure, that will allow leaders of the fellowships to choose (and somehow highlight) the preffered path of each map. Players...
  11. iDavis

    Discussion Fellowship Adventures

    Currently is planned the same as last time.
  12. iDavis

    Discussion Release Notes version 1.125

    Seems like we´re finally able to start a production on multiple manufactories at once..
  13. iDavis

    Discussion Rise of the Phoenix Cult

    I have performed a small update to my buildings database portal and now, all the daily prizes are being generated automatically (every night). As this doesn´t require my manual work anymore, you can now find here daily prizes from beta with immediate updates.
  14. iDavis

    We got a gift today.

    When I logged in beta today I also got a notification window about receiving a daily gift, which automatically lead to the diamond shop..
  15. iDavis

    We got a gift today.

    @SoggyShorts that's that strange + button next to :diamond: I used years ago last time..