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Recent content by Angedev

  1. Angedev

    Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    It looks really good, thanks! :)
  2. Angedev

    Spire squad size calc - we need your data!

    Hi, good job here! I've just tried it with 2 cities and results look almost perfect :) Model: 4292,78 Real: 4294 Model: 967,92 Real: 966 Thank you for your job :)
  3. Angedev

    Fixed [30558] More than one Ferris wheel galore - Box not close

    Hmm, interesting https://beta.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/mobile-ferris-wheel-galore-missing-arrows.14511/ I agree I used wrong title, but I also wrote into expected situation, that it should be closed immediately, if there are not supposed to be arrows. But never mind, I will be happy...
  4. Angedev

    Not a Bug cant evolve up my Coldfire-Phoenix to next level (1 Artefact in Inventory)

    Are you sure you are trying to evolve it, not to upgrade it? Some picture would help...
  5. Angedev

    Fixed [30807] Missing creatures on buildings

    It's harder to catch them, they can fly :D
  6. Angedev

    Fixed [30387] No login to Beta whith App

    It works fine for me :)
  7. Angedev

    Duplicate Beta locks out the live systems on the App

    You can clear data in memory (application settings in your device), it helps :) I want back button on loading screen please :)
  8. Angedev

    Fixed [30387] No login to Beta whith App

    Same for me :(
  9. Angedev

    Not a Bug Mobile: Ferris wheel galore - missing arrows

    If it would be intended, the last window would stay opened too. It has no sense if it should work this way. This problem is here since arrows appeared in the manufacturies and it is really annoying when I must close every window. If you don't want arrows, please make it like it was before and...
  10. Angedev

    Not a Bug Mobile: Ferris wheel galore - missing arrows

    Game version: 1.96 Browser/IOS/Android + version: Android 7.0 Operating System or Mobile Device: Doogee S60 lite Reproducibility: 5/5 Current situation: Ferris wheel galore behaves the same like manufacturies, but without arrows. If I have more of them and start production in the first one...
  11. Angedev

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    It solves the problem only for a while. You still need coins for scouting and you have limited capacity in your main hall. So quest for scouting/completing province still can be impossible for some players :) Because you can get interesting buildings for tournaments (phoenixes, bears...) :)
  12. Angedev

    Discussion Elvarian Carnival

    @Jackluyt : What about this https://elvengems.com/carnival-2020/chests/ ? :)
  13. Angedev

    Expiring buildings and teleport spells

    I think you can't use teleport for expiring buildings.
  14. Angedev

    Not a Bug Winter Magic Quest - Goods Not Counting

    It shows the highest value. It doesn't count together.
  15. Angedev

    Discussion Winter Magic

    Don't say that or they will do it :eek::D