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Implemented [World Map] neighbourood switch


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idea is very simple

currently any player may land in any place meaning
very active and very supportive player lands in neighbourhood where only he is active(100% support and like 90% trades he does), while his neighbours doway less - lets say 20 % of what he does.

This is unfair to him. So i suggest every player make "Hidden" score on every action he makes (trades posted, trades taken down, how often player does support, how manu enemy units he killed)

and after some time (once per month) his city is teleported to the neighbourhood with very similiar "hidden" score (+/- 20%)

This wayany activity made will be given him back. I know this can be tricky or hard but it will sort players out by their activities, and will cancel the "random drop" thats made in the game beggining. This is way more fair to active players and way fairer for those who leech out of those players.


Not possible. Why? because of exploration of the map; what you explored unlocks corresponding relics matching the PRECISE locations you explored.
Relocating would totally wreck this, whichever way you look at it.
As for few active players, I know what you mean, so many players have despawned (due to inactivity) in my area, that nearly half my discovered player locations are now empty.


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i know but it kinda doesnt matter
why? its simple, i agree that this could wreck the location of specyfic relics BUT, so what?
Look at the map more closesly and if your map is around 7 tiles north, south, west, east, the only thing that changes is the location of the relics but the amount of "Gem" or other relics remains nearly the same (+/- 8 relics) so thats not too much to be fussed about.


I disagree.
The total numbers of relics would still be the same, yes. BUT their distribution, and therefore the bonuses on your main resource on each tier would NOT be the same, and as for me I know that I spent a lot of time and resources going after SPECIFIC locations to gain their bonuses, and do not have a symetrical exploration of the map for that reason.
At much higher level it might not matter since by then I should be able to explore anywhere without massive cost, but right now, it would be detrimental to me (on Beta1, no diff yet on my 2 new villages) if I were relocated.


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i do symetrical map discovery and the reason is simple
i did what u said - to chase specyfic relics only BUT it had very big disadvantage.

Lets say i went right for my relics
and the prices of scouting goes up up and up
so at one point i woke up and saw that on the LEFT the prices for scouting are super cheap, so the best way for city's map discovery is to make a lozenge shape of discovered tiles when it the center of it is my city.

so this is the issue of specyfic game play but also about logily spending your resources.
so when ur map is in lozenge shape the amount of specific relic is fixed and if would you check other cities and other locations the amount is realy very similiar its +/- a tile of specyfic relic

if it was as you said this wouls made it unfair to players cos if u have too much of relics of specyfic type in the same lozange shape this would make player A having a boost of +214%, and a player in distance of 500 tiles who discoverd the same amount of map tiles a boost of 350% which would be extra unfair
So im very sure the amount of relics of each tier is disposed in very close fairness to each other


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The world map tessellates, and the primitive is a horizontal bar of 9 relics.

As a consequence, there are ONLY 9 unique City+Relics configuration. Furthermore, it's very likely that the explored sectors, for each city, are tracked relative to the city position, rather than by their absolute location on the map.

It is therefore programmatically feasible to pick up and relocate a city, and the only visible change would be a few different neighbors and, even then if the map is being optimized zone by zone, some of your current neighbors would probably move at the same time for the same reasons, and you'd never know the difference.

If you look at a new world, it's obvious that the first city is in the "middle" and cities are then added one hexagonal ring at a time. When cities have been inactive for at least 30 days old they are vulnerable to removal, unless they are sponsored by a premium account or else if they have reached tier 3, which opens up vacant slots for new players. As a world matures, the dispersal of the inactive players will be less and less clustered, so the "lost all of my neighbors at once" pattern is a mere artifact of a new world.

In their other gaming worlds, InnoGames has never shared the details of their optimization algorithm, and I very much doubt that they're going to change that policy.


On the 3rd server I play on, I am currently stuck because the NEAREST location for the relics I need, past the first location which had them, is at distance 4 from my village, with defenses I cannot overcome yet (need to advance my research a lot before I simply get matched troops to the defenders).
This proves to me that distributions are NOT equal regardless where you are.


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Elvenar Team
In a way, the core of this suggestion has been implemented now with our current neighbourhood merging system :)