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Implemented [World Map] Can i get moved to active players


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So i just scanned my local world map area, as i was curious how many have upgraded there cities to fairies which is an indicator they are active players, I have about 170 provinces in a nice circular pattern uncovered, about 50% of them are blank provinces, out of the other 50% left, only 4-6 including me is active player in fairies. Can Inno reshuffle me and cluster active players together please, so we can make full use of this game to YES test out tournements, Buff each other, trade, ect...ect...
I think its a good idea and long overdue
Please all comment and if this gets hot enough perhaps devs will put something in place to do it.


We are already considering a few options to tackle the neighbour issue as this has been a topic players have been talking about for quite some time now.


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well lets hope it happens as/before tournaments get implemented as in my hood that feature will be useless


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I really appriciate this! And, I really wonder, why you did not move inactive players to other parts of the map or even to different databases/servers long before (may 2015). In my neighbourhood there are 1 or 2 active players, the rest are dead accounts!


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Elvenar Team
In the mean time, player movements have been implemented (and soon they'll be on Live too). :)