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Implemented [World Map] Allow key arrows to move through world map


Basicaly what title say: allow the use the key arrows to move in the world map.
It will be easier and avoid the problem when drag the map enter to unwanted cities of start unwanted explorations, beside i think it will be faster than the drag system.



Well-Known Member
I definitely want that! I cannot count anymore how often I accidently entered a town or already finished province...



Not to rain on your parade, but this feature is just unnecessary.
There is NO OTHER action in the game that you could perform with the keyboard.

I don't mind if it's added, but I'll never use it.


Ex-Team Member
Because many players support this idea and Eladamri has given clear reasons, this idea has been forwarded as an improvement on the World Map. :)


I hope this will be done.
I also hope we can zoom + and zoom - :)