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Cannot reproduce Wonky


New Member
Having an issue with bleed over of txt in DM, Chat, Overview, and edit is out because of it. This includes all popup boxes, everything...Is this local to me or are others having this trouble. This is happening in Beta and all worlds.

Loki Blue

Well-Known Member
When making a bug report, please give at least this much information. Otherwise it may not be taken care of.

Game version: (right click ingame, click the version number to copy it, paste here. HTML5: Go to your ingame settings and you can copy it from the bottom of the window.)
HTML5 Yes/No:
Game world:
Browser/IOS/Android + version:
Flash Player version:
Operating System:
Screen resolution:
Account name:
Humans or Elves:

Support and testers need as much information as possible in order to reproduce your issue, and find a solution to it.


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Also, giving it a title such as "Bleed over of text" or "Pop up box text issues" will help others to search for this if they are experiencing the same issue and don't want to post a duplicate bug report :)


Seems local to you. Nothing similar has been reported as far as I can remember.
Is your browser at 100% zoom ? Try other browser and/or deleted cache.


Ex-Team Member
I have used Windows 10 with Chrome and both HTML5 and FlashPlayer. I cannot reproduce. Since there have been no other complaints, I will mark this bug report as cannot reproduce and put a watch on the thread.