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New Game Features Wonder - change production time

King Luckybaby

Well-Known Member
Hello Forum

I have been playing the game for almost 4 years
The game is great !

What I do not like - the time in the wonders !
Why can they not be the same as in the workshops?

3 hrs
9 hrs
12 hrs
24 hrs

The quantities adjusted – like the workshops !

Thus, the players who are only in the game once or twice a day, they would have something of it
And... I would not have to set the alarm clock every 3 hrs at night :)


King Luckybaby

King Luckybaby

Well-Known Member
Hello Forum

I had already set this request once

There's not much I don't like at Elvenar
These 3 hour times at the Wonder are still part of it

We can harvest the Wonder – usually – every 3 hours
Who can do that?

Especially at night, we sleep so …… 9 hours
We lose at least 2 productions
Who thinks this is good ???

Why can't we adjust the wonder according to our requirements?
As with the workshops!

My suggestion

Make the following settings selectable for the Wonder:

3 hours
9 hours
12 hours
24 hours

Maintaining volumes in 3-hour productions
In the case of further production times, the quantities – as in the workshops –
adjust accordingly

Advantage with examples:

The cities that aren't in the game very often – maybe only 1x a day – could run the 24 hours
Would therefore have, as in the case of the workshops, a slightly higher production

The cities that are in the game more often during the day could continue to run the 3 hours-production – or even the 9 hours-production
Would have the advantage of running a 9-hour or 12-hour production with slightly higher productions overnight – than ONLY 1x the 3-hour production

Depending on the gaming behavior, this would be an improvement for all of us

King Luckybaby

Sorry for my bad English !!!