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World Map [WM] Show scouting times

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Lord Jirre

Well-Known Member
Show the scouting times before starting the scouting process.

Can we please see the time it takes to scout a province before we actually scout the province?

Several times now, I've started scouting a province thinking it would be done before I go to bed, but instead it takes a few hours more. And then the next morning I find out that if I had scouted another province, the scouting time would've been a lot shorter.

Possible downsides
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+1 like the idea. More transparency is always a good thing.

Have to admit, though, that i wasn't aware the time increases for hexes farther away from your city to closer ones. I'll keep that in mind...

Lord Jirre

Well-Known Member
It doesn't just increase for provinces further away, it also increases every time you discover a new province, I believe (every new province adds 10 minutes I think?).
And counting hexes gets kind of annoying when you get so far you can't see your city anymore when you're scouting a new province :p


I like this idea. I know it takes me about 19 hours to scout 1 atm, but all too often my scout was done in the middle of the night, losing time to scout another one.


I think it could be helpful, but there already is a way to find the province with shortest scouting time, because the increase mechanism for scouting time and scouting cost appears to be the same, so look for the cheapest province to scout.

Lord Jirre

Well-Known Member
True, but it still does not tell me how long it will take. It's quite well possible to have 3 different tier scout-able provinces and then it's useful to know how long it takes to scout them.


Well-Known Member
yup it's still a pain to plan your scouts ahead.
But they probebly wont do this, why? well didin't they claim we should stop scouting if a scout starts to take longer than a day?
If a scout stay's under a day you can always reset your scout at the same time.

I am in favour for the idea, but I dont think they ever implement it.