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Discussion Winter Magic

MinMax Gamer

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If I'm reading this right, we've lost all agency over which result we get. With every package being 60 ribbons, and no way to choose to spend more or fewer ribbons in order to increase the probability of particular results, It's completely random. They might as well do away with the ribbons altogether, and just assing us a random result every time we accumulate 60 "points" You've gone from a mechanic that allowed us to develop a strategy of spending that allowed us to prioritize Coins instants, vs Portal Profits, vs daily buildings, vs etc, to one in which the only control we have is what day we spend the ribbons. At first glance, this looks less satisfying.
This. I don't mind things being difficult and/or random, that's part of the challenge. But they've taken away another degree of freedom that we were able to use to develop diverse and interesting strategies aligned with different gameplays. Some players wanted to target AWKPs, some timeboosts, some dailies, some grand prizes etc - and we were able to do so over long term even though individual outcomes were random. Well, not anymore. The only thing that we control now is a day when we deploy ribbons, and the amounts. Previously, if two players with 10K of event currency both unloaded it on the same day, they could expect to get very different results depending on which chests they targeted. Nowadays, these two players will expect to get exactly the same results (the actual results won't be the same, but the expectation/target will be).

Basically, the new system requires as much skill as playing a slot machine - just load up those coins, and pull away. No thinking is required.

Very disappointing.


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We have kritisised the factor of luck in the last events. They stopped that. Now we have all the smas chance to win the prizes we want.
I havent shuffled yet, but I bet we all have no luck anymore.


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yes but in previous events its always been a ratio of 1 to 5 so 2 encounters or 10 / 5 or 25. This seems like its now 1 to 4 so 2 encounters or 8 tournament


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Guys, I just launched PC version and.. am really surprised! Event music is running in the background. :eek: Thank you! Been waiting for this very long.

PS: Maybe they forgot to turn classic sounds off, since in the beginning of new christmas track there is something winter-related to hear, what should probably replace classic background sounds, not combine with it.
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Still very early in the event but initial impressions are:

same quest cannot repeat (depending on your luck this can be good or bad)
free prizes
different mechanic

Removal of level based event buildings - I liked this feature as it let my town stay in shape, quests just needed tweaking in terms of quantity

random prizes -The daily prize seems utterly pointless now. If the goal was to limit the number of certain prizes there were far better ways to do this. The biggest complaint I saw with daily prizes was the random luck to get them which currently appears to be as bad or worse. We now also have no ability to control the possible "booby" prize. Sometimes the alternate chest prizes were better options than the daily prizes offered so even that is now gone.

It will be interesting to see how things go as the event evolves but with the way it is now I would almost favour the removal of the event and just give us a daily prize each day. It would be a whole lot less frustrating then the current appearance of this event. My only motivation for the event currently is because it is free stuff for mostly doing things I do in game.

Hopefully as the event goes on things will be better than first appearance.

Burger Meister Meister

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Quite simple really, skipping the event, in both Beta and Live :)
I can't skip it, my OCD is way too strong for that but definitely will not "fight" for it. What I'll get, I'll get.

While I like the reduced requirements for high level buildings I am with @Verde and @Alcaro here on game play
After seeing the new mechanics of the prize structure being so totally random with very little strategy or choice involved I have no intention of putting much effort into this event either in Beta or in my live worlds.

I will just go about my daily activities and if I happen to get lucky by matching an event task then so be it.

Whats the point of a strategy game where the developers keep taking away the opportunities for strategy?
Not impressed with these changes.


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I hope that there is a lot of quest, because probablity are lower and cost are higher.
In the past, the average chest will 20-22 and the average cost for daily reward was 350-385 (for 3 best strategies).
Now the cost is 60 => you win 1-3 = 2 average => increase cost by 50% for the great price
The average daily price is higher 480-900 (this is complex, because reshuffle reset to 0, but you have a small to have double reward) => increase cost by 30%-144% (1) for daily reward.
Another problem, we can not choose what we want to win, in the past, better to have time reduction for example => probably another indirect increase cost (depend on the future quest and the reward ribban of the quests).

I hoped that Inno will be generous for Christmas but it is the opposite ^^

(1) this need a lot of more math.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hi guys,

Thanks for your feedback so far! Could you please elaborate on the statement that the new event mechanics would take away the free choice of strategy about what prizes you want to go for? We still have the Daily Rewards, as before, so you're still perfectly able to safe your ribbons for the days that have the Daily Rewards that you want. The side rewards are now just wrapped in presents instead of in chance percentages in chests, but you can still decide for yourself which days you find appealing to spend your ribbons on, so how would that be any different? :)


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So the winter fairs in my old winter set, is still better at 3 chapters below my current, and with opportunity to resto spell them up, this evolving building is not worth its 16 squares. Also, i have handily packed up all tier 2 from my city so not bothering with a gingerbread mansion.

This gingerbread building will give low chapter players the ability to overproduce T2 goods and require less trades which completely removes the need to exchange your boosted goods with neighbors and fellows. If we are all producing non boosted goods in our cities through special event buildings, what is the purpose of elvenar's boosted production direction we all swallowed and accepted as the appropriate way to play the game.

These buildings do completely remove any need to play in a fellowship, trade globally and even keep boosted productions in your city. I can simply collect from my mermaid and gingerbread house, traveling merchants and sets, while packing up or never even leveling, boosted productions in my city.

Very interesting direction for the game.... This building comes very late in the game for sentient players would rather see sentients come from buildings then the T2. How hard is that to write in before it comes to live servers ? I am certain all chapter 13-15 players would appreciate this consideration, and use the same thoughts going forward if Tier 1 leveled are always part of the events, we don't need level 28 tier 1 buildings x3 and a special event building that gives Tier 1 from chapters 12 -15

Chapter 1-11 ( non sentients ) = T1, T2, T3
Chapters 12 and up = sentient 1 instead of T1
Chapters 13 and up = sentient 2 instead of T2
Chapters 14 adn up = sentient 3 instead of T3

The amount of procedure to this event is a bit congested in the event window. This event makes wining a daily prize even more unlikely, and perhaps taking that aspect out of the event is the goal? but the daily prize is far better then time reductions and 2x1 buildings for many players . A prize should give happiness, if any amount of procedure or effort is given, we expect a surge of emotion that is not frustration, anger, sadness or vomiting.
I have swallowed back the vomit, but this is a very sad Christmas. I think i will pass on this completely unless sentients are written in or daily prizes get redeemed - if we don't want the evolving building, at least give us something to work towards. Not playing, is a garbage solution to the player base.
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sorry, I dont get the meaning. If you will only get about 10 or even 20 red ribbons for a solved quest, and you'll need 60 ribbons for only 1 try, so you will need 16 x 60 ribbons to get all possile gifts a day. And no one will get about 1.000 ribbons daily. thats impossible, isnt it?

there is still no daily quest and in outskirts you will collect about 20 up to 40 ribbons a day. So you never can get all parcels every day.

MinMax Gamer

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Thanks for your feedback so far! Could you please elaborate on the statement that the new event mechanics would take away the free choice of strategy about what prizes you want to go for? We still have the Daily Rewards, as before, so you're still perfectly able to safe your ribbons for the days that have the Daily Rewards that you want. The side rewards are now just wrapped in presents instead of in chance percentages in chests, but you can still decide for yourself which days you find appealing to spend your ribbons on, so how would that be any different? :)
Um, you assume that daily prizes is all that players may want to target, but as I mentioned side rewards can be equally if not more important. E.g. if there is nothing in the dailies that I particularly fancy, so I want to load up on timeboosts or AWKPs. Previously, I had a choice of which of 3 chests to open, so if I see 85 chest that can give 8hx4 side reward, I would absolutely go for this one if I am interested in timeboosts. I may not get it every time, but over period of time I will definitely overweight 85 chests and hence timeboosts. Ditto if I never open 142 chest I will never get portal profits as a side reward (because I want timeboosts).

In the new setup everyone gets all kinds of side rewards without any ability to differentiate. Meaning for any particular focus number of useful rewards goes down, and number of useless rewards goes up.


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@Marindor - it's exactly how @MinMax Gamer said. Since my cities are in the last chapter (en1, en2) and Amuni (zz1), I'm rarely interested in a daily prize, but mostly for time boosters and KP instants and you just took away from us the chance to manage the event and get what we really need.

This isn't a strategy game anymore, it's a lottery.

EDIT - Looking what @palmira said - paying 60 ribbons to get 1 rune shard or a relic (that's what I got twice) - that's ridiculous and very very annoying (not to say more).
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to add to what's said just higher. Before, you could choose between many choices depending on what you prioritized, either the daily or GP or, like said minmax, any type of instant. Now, you just click on (virtually) "open a chest" and you get what's inside, no question asked. That's backward evolution if you look at the players' choices

PS: If that's what FoE players have as events, I'm quite sad for them...


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I hope somebody in Inno recognizes this harebrained idea for what is, the best deterrent to player engagement, before it hits live servers. People like events for different reasons, some want daily prizes, others KP instants, other mana or other producing buildings, time instants. This event prevents us from choosing what we want, the prizes are basically useless from what I saw before reshuffling, the grand prize is not appealing so basically there is zero motivation to do what will be a very boring event.

PS: 2 more presents, uau, relics this time and a tree stump. How exciting. A completely failed event. Congrats, must have been complicated to design the worst event possible but yoou nailed it.
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