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Discussion Winter Magic


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please see the announcement for this year's Winter Event here and let us know what you think about it!

Happy Holidays,
Your Elvenar Team


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I'm very glad to see the high level requirement for production buildings is mostly eliminated.

Splitting it into a regular set of quests and a bonus set of quests seems like a sensible choice, although it depends on how far you can get with the regular set. So long as that is enough to get a level 10 evolving building, or very close to it, then it should be fine. Will have to wait and see what that looks like though.


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in the nigth FA ended and it doesn*t take time now the winter event startet - PLEASE let us a littel time to get outum and to correct our town !!
isnt this perfect. You already have lvl 1 ws and manufactories up, to can just leave them there for the event.
I like this :) better then getting the event as soon as i removed all lvl 1 and replaced it with decent buildings again


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So, the FoE Winter event comes to Elvenar, at least in the part with the presents. Yay?

Good luck to all.


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I really like new endless quest line limitations and also appreciate we finally have some new machanic in event. :)


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If I'm reading this right, we've lost all agency over which result we get. With every package being 60 ribbons, and no way to choose to spend more or fewer ribbons in order to increase the probability of particular results, It's completely random. They might as well do away with the ribbons altogether, and just assing us a random result every time we accumulate 60 "points" You've gone from a mechanic that allowed us to develop a strategy of spending that allowed us to prioritize Coins instants, vs Portal Profits, vs daily buildings, vs etc, to one in which the only control we have is what day we spend the ribbons. At first glance, this looks less satisfying.


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my first impressions, the amunt of ribbons you get from a quest doesnt seem to go up fast enough. at quest 10 im still only at 12 ribbons/quest?
maybe its too soon to judge, but i dont think we will get enough ribbons. at this rate i think it might be hard to get 5000 ribbons without doing the very hard quests. and it takes about 600 ribbons for 1 daily? so about 10 dailys from whole event?

Too soon to judge but doesnt feel right yet.
PS: im hoping somone at inno checked all the quest this time and there isnt a quest like this anymore: scout a province or research a tech (without VV alternative)

Lovec Krys

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Well, if there is always only one daily reward within 16 prices, then it is a huge daily price nerf. If i want to get more of the daily rewards, it's like spend 1000+ currency per one, right? And no chance to influence what I can get - mostly garbage i guess.
So no chance to get 10+ mana/seed/whatever buildings? Are we already back to the Willow farm for mana strategy?


i just had time to rip off all those workshops and boom! event
Me too; I didn't know the event would be starting today. I knew it was to be soon after the FA, but I didn't imagine it'd be right away. Please give us a break!


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Initial improvement thoughts:
  • Let us pick from the number of ribbons we want to spend, say, 30, 60, 90, 120. each of which brings up a different grid of possibilities. The Least expensive grid has 16 possibilities, most of them low value, while most expensive grid has only four or five gifts, each with a higher value.
  • Leave it as is, but let us "reject" the most recent gift and get some (half? 3/4?) of our ribbons back while it stays uncovered.


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One question, we have 16 presents, will they renenerate every day or after we open all of them and them we get the new set? And why is frozen flame amog the prizes? I thougt we wrote it hundreds times, that it is really worthless prize in Magic academy (even the 4x) and it is here again?! All frozen flames, unicornes and so on are hure dipapointment...