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Discussion Winter Magic


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I didn't get the last daily prize but this event was one of the best event for me. I was able to get both sets, some set buildings in 2 or 3 copies and also a few daily prizes :):):) This is awesome and I wish the same winning rate would also be on my Live game... but it is very far from that.
Thanks for this great event. I wish a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to the Elvenar Inno team!


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The item number 78, "Upgrade 1 building to level 14 or higher" has no alternative for players without access to level 14 yet. I should have or collect relics or scout a province or something.


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Elvenar Team
I still can't even win an argument let alone an event building. And I didn't even have enough bad luck to win a unicorn. Oh I have to go sit in a corner and have a cup of tea. Oh whoa is me :(


Idk if anybody already said this, but I have to make an observation...
Very generically: Let's call "stuff 1" the stuff one collects in order to open the chests and "stuff 2" the stuff collected for the grand prizes.
The rewards system of this and woodelvenstock event is worse than the classic one, not in the proportions stuff 2/stuff 1 per chest, which are quite the same of the classic version, but in the possible stuff 1 prize so much valuable in the classic chests, in particular in the 3rd one. This lack is so heavy when you open the more expensive stuff 1 chests in the woodelvenstock system. The certainty of the old 3 let a consistent possibility of additional shots with much additional stuff 1. This system seems more various only in the surface, but in the practice it is more limited, also in the aleatory rewards: The increased number of chests' type is compensated by the few rewards per chest, which give more frustrating, quite univocal, percentages.