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Other Window to see the questions to select a questions


Well-Known Member
The questions on the left.
The 20 same questions in rotation.

Would like to think that I could choose which task I would like to perform.
An overview, as is the case with fellowship adventures, to be able to see all the Question and mark one as active.

I press cancel many times to get to the Q that I would like to perform.


Active Member
+1 The constant clicking is an annoyance, this solution would alleviate that issue. I might even use the quest givers once in a while.


Well-Known Member
That would be an improvement. Personally, I gave up on deleting my way to a declinable quest a long time ago. It would be nice to do them again.


Well-Known Member
mwoah, I rather have worthy quests instead of a FA-menu like option. The gains are SOOOO tiny, I don't even bother anymore to click on them. Not even when it would be easier.


Well-Known Member
The issue with the 20 rotation quests is that the rewards are insignificant, your proposal should address that.