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When Do You Receive Rewards for Investing in Ancient Wonders?

Discussion in 'Questions and Help' started by Electra Firestorm, Jun 11, 2018.

  1. Electra Firestorm

    Electra Firestorm Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2015
    One of our members has been inactive but I have not expelled her from our fellowship because many of our members have been donating to her Ancient Wonders. I am waiting until the research is finished so our members receive the rewards.

    Even if an Ancient Wonder is not upgraded because an Elvenar player is not active, will others who have contributed KPs still be rewarded when research is finished? I am assuming research is finished when the KP bar is full.

    One of our members informed me the top players will be rewarded for their contributions AFTER the Ancient Wonder is upgraded. That would be terrible if a member is no longer active and you have contributed hundreds of KPs but won’t be rewarded if they don’t upgrade their Ancient Wonder.

    The Wiki is not too clear on when you receive rewards. The message below appears

    “Congratulations! You are one of the most valuable helpers to finish the research for an Ancient Wonder.
    For your great help you received the following reward.”

    I am interpreting this to mean if you’re a top-ranking player, you will receive a reward for your contributions to an Ancient Wonder because all KPs required to finish research have been finished (the KP bar is full), even if the Ancient Wonder has not been upgraded yet. Is this true?

    Any help is most appreciated.
  2. Dony

    Dony King of Bugs

    May 5, 2016
    you get rewards the second the bar is filled to the max in the ancient wonder
    visual notification of that rewards received comes next time you log into the game after that and this is a known bug.
  3. Electra Firestorm

    Electra Firestorm Well-Known Member

    May 5, 2015
    Thank you Dony for answering my question. We can always depend on our fellow Elvenar players to help us. So there's no need to wait for an Ancient Wonder to upgrade to receive your rewards for investing in another player's Ancient Wonder. As long as the Research is Finished (KP bar is full), those in the top reward spots will receive a reward. That's a good rule because we would lose all of our investment if a player left the game and did not level up their Wonders.