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Welcome NEW Player's - Please ask Questions


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I think, this game is best played into a Form! It's cool, you get to design your own form. I'll discuss mine as I play. Having gotten into Ancient Wonders (AW), I've decided it'd be a shame not to advance my AW.

I started off thinking Slow Chapter Advancement would be a good thing. Perhaps Once I reach Dwarves it will be. So I can take the time to at least start those two AW, possibly advance them somewhat. Let's see what happens in my Elven City.

For Now, I'd like to answer: Your Questions. What are they?

Helps and Info on the game. .Blueprints - are ready (see below).

Game Map Key:
Game N (gN) = Screen NW • Game NE (gNE) = Screen N (top)
Game E (gE) = Screen NE • Game SE (gSE) = Screen E (right)
Game S (gS) = Screen SE • Game SW (gSW) = Screen S (bottom)
Game W (gW) = Screen SW • Game SE (gSW) = Screen W (left)
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In the meantime...

Blueprints are ready. First:
Expansions: 2 the basics, max these buildings You can go anywhere from here.
Produced without Dangling Expansion (Research Expansion leading nowhere),
. . There's a perfect road I'll name: Manufactory Roe; from the Main Road, let's call it Main St., it's right behind or gW of the Prison of the Condemned. If you run Manufactory Roe gS from the gNorthern most square along the gS side. This becomes available if you choose the a fore mentioned Expansion.

. . You can expand the area gE of Main St. as my Elven City did. I would choose one less expansion gS until I opened a third Expansion along gN; a situation I will correct early during next chapter's expansion. And finally, The way I did (north to the wall) mostly because I knew I wanted my Magic Academy there surrounded by Culture..

My City Plan:
1. The game started with the Main hall on the wrong side of the Main (gN-gS) Road. I want my Main Hall centered on the map so more City may be seen.
2. The area gE of the Main Road, will be reserved for Workshops, Culture overflow, and game(non-volume) producing Workshops and Tier-1 Goods.
3. The area eW of the main road shall be reserved for the City Proper. Except: For the double row of Residence surrounding the city.
. . a. Turns out, Elven Residence walls remain 4x* (9x* w/road), While during one size change they need to be 5x*s so 9-11x*.
. . . . I plan to compensate is to swap my 5x* culture for 3x to compensate.

Note: Max everything out at this point while you do If you want your Magic Academy as your Jewel, you'll like the next Blueprint.

End of Chapter 1 - My primary target:
.Construction on Magic Academy completed with Dangling Expansion.
OK, the area of growth (building construction) is an area of decision to be made.

Recommendations:The current configuration is for when you want to move into chapter 2. Look at them as Residences ready to expand, like the 2 above the center build. Previously, you want the road between the 2 Residence builds as well as the center build moved gS against the right build. In that configuration you want 2 more Workshops to build your resources. Once your resources are full, keep 4 to maintain high levels and replace those with 2 Residences and expand the Academy and Main Hall. Workshops will take the longest to build.
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Thank you: Karvest, Great Question.

The answer is, because of the road; it's a Workshop's needs from the wall, I need to reach both the gN and gS limits, and all buildings start at 2x2. If you watched my progression, you saw me struggling with the question and then try to understand the answer to your. Thank you.

When you first asked, I hadn't recorded my progress from before as I did here. My post preceeding yours, represents my then unknown targets. I hope this answers your question, please start a conversation for further explanation.
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This is my Elven City, it will change periodically:
. Play area expanded by 3 Premium Tiles.
I've come to realize that my Main Hall, though it traveled gNorth to the Magic Academy, has found it's way right back to the same latitude from which it started. . All thanks to my Human city, the puzzle fitting thing about to happen here is, by making Manufactory row 5 squares wide again after I stole the space for my 3 5x4 Temple of ages, I can end up placing the road on the edge of an expansion square thus creating natural 4x* roadways. Home!

It's the same 1-square adjustment for the human city, then slide into center.
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You are waisting such a lot of space. Later on you will never be able planning to have space for upgrading your buildings.

See, your Magic Academy needs only 1 ! tile of street to work. Place it somewhere at a end of a road and you will save plenty of space, also along saving tiles for streets.

Your workshops are 4 to 3 now, 4 tiles long and 3 tiles wide. So, if you place the shorter end to the street, you will always save 1 tile of street. This also gives you a lot of free space. Same to your acient wonders.

In between the residence there are street connections into the upper corners. but this place cant be used for expansions, because no expansions can be placed there anymore. So remove this streets, you will also save space.


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Thanks tor the feedback Arayla, I think everyone can benefit from this info:
I believe that Karvest and Salandrine are giving you some helpful feedback. Here are some great city layout optimizations: https://elvengems.com/city-layout-space-optimization/.
From there:
This is a question we actually receive quite often. Now, the short answer is no. But here is why. Every city builder needs features that make placing buildings challenging. In Elvenar, this challenge comes mainly from two sources: One is that most buildings need a street connection, and the other is that every building has a fixed shape.

The combination of this, along with the inability to store buildings, makes it challenging to build an efficient city. Of course, the downside of every challenge is that sometimes it feels like a burden. If you could rotate or store the buildings, this would make things much easier. But the downside of a low challenge is: when it gets too easy, it also gets boring quite fast. So, since this “city puzzling” is a core mechanic in Elvenar, we never implemented any technical base to make it possible to rotate or store buildings.
I did. Look at my Elven City. It incorporated the three keys:
I've planned for upto 8 width (Ex: Main Hall, 3x* powered & 5x* culture, etc.) x 5(west) and 7(east) deep ends and every width down to 2 wide so depth doesn't matter..

Very nice coaching tool, as long as you allow for circumstantial exceptions. . But for a programmer, I have done everything on that list plus my own flow-charting in my head to create my Algorithm. . In other words, I've conquered that problem from the jump once I was shown the Wiki, including visitors; made my own architect from excel. Still missing a couple details, but I can do the rest as it comes. Human Plan will be even easier.

Looking at my Elven city, can you see all of it?
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@Scoobydoo please stop posting one word posts it wastes space and is not helpful to anyone
I am planning on using all of them for teaching posts using the Q&A to separate topics. Is that acceptable?

Please edit the previous post to reply.
Thanks in advance, Lon


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Editing posts after someone's response is a very bad habit. Most users would just miss your changes. Forum is a conversation, with linear flow, no one wants to reread the whole thread trying to figure out if something changed there.


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Elvenar Team
@lehayes this is a discussion forum not a classroom. By all means post what you find works for you but please remember everybody plays this game their own way. Also people will also post their opinions


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Scoobydoo. answered you. Everyone has an opinion.

It is a discussion thread. Can't discuss what you don't know. So, why not ask? If someone said it was lousy, all I'd do is ask them to support their opinion with: Why?


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Very strange decision for placing expansions on the map. You waste a lot of space on roads and edges this way.
Reorganized a bit (took your current city, rearranged expansions and placed your buildings back there.
As you can see - there is space for 5 2x2 buildings connected to townhall and 6 tiles of your roads are not placed.
Hello again, it's been quite a long time. Karvast asked me a question about my city plan, a proper answer, which would have been all too wordy should now by aided by the current version showing all my roads save for the one at the unavailable West end.

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