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We have openings for 3 or 4 new members in The Lion's Den!

Sir Squirrel

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We are full at the moment at The Lion's Den thanks!

We have players from Germany, Romania, the US, Canada, Holland, Sweden, Italy, Suomi/Finland, Belgium, Scotland and England, and everyone is welcome here. We like people who will help others, but understand that sometimes real life makes things difficult.

We play Fellowship Adventures and encourage everyone to take part. We also have 3 different level KP swap threads to help our Ancient Wonders grow.(3, 5, and 10KP)

We're a relaxed guild and have no rules except fair trade and respect for others, so if you'd like to join us please message me (Sir Squirrel) in game, or make a post here.

Sir Squirrel
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Hi Squirrel - Do you remember me? You did a signature for me a while back in the main forum. I've started a city in Beta and applied to your fellowship this morning. Hope you'll consider me.