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We are Loading ... (Patent Pending) - Recruiting!


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We are Loading… (Patent Pending)
Trying to crash the server one city at a time...
Come join us and we will dig up some diamonds together!
We are currently recruiting active players. Please read the Rules and Requirements before applying. Goods needed - Planks/Crystal/Magic Dust ~ 01/07/2019
Rules and Requirements:
-- No score requirement - we all have to start somewhere! With that said, you may fair best with a score of 18,000 or higher.
-- Neighborly Help 2-3 times a week.
-- Fair Trades 2-3 stars*
-- Build only boosted goods
-- One province/30pts per tournament
-- No Drama, respect others, and most of all HAVE FUN!

Questions? Please contact Egleriel


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I am brand new to Beta today. I am currently very active in 3 worlds on the US server. I started playing the end of November and didn't join my first FS until mid-December. I joined my second FS in January and both of those cities are in the middle of Dwarves. My third world I started after the March FA and I am closing in on the Dwarves chapter already. I play daily and play hard during FAs and Events, but struggle with Tourneys as I do not fight well and the cost to negotiate kills me. I do daily neighborly visits.