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New Game Features Way to consume excess Spell Fragments

At this point if you play the Spire regularly you will get far more spell fragments than you will be able to use. Before the spire I at times disenchanted items to be able to acquire spells that were available but I did not have enough spell fragments. Now I have near or above 100 K spell fragments. I think some way to spend this excess should be provided. Some possible ideas on how to consume them are the following:
Be able to spend them to prematurely trigger new recipes. With the large number of points available maybe 5 or 10 K spell fragments would make sense.
Have a new tab for special crafting options that use only spell fragments but have much higher costs. These recipes would only be available from this menu. Perhaps something like AW Rune Fragments.

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Easest thing would be to add more fragments only recipes (usefull ones, like the 1 pet food which requires only fragments).
Maybe add fragments only variant for each recipe worth 5VV+.