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very new rule

Reina del mar

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So, this is probably he reason for this announcement: I reported a bug on beta forum. But somebody else reported it on Discord. Discord wins, of course as INNO need hype for being on Discord.
TBH this is not about diams. It;s about rules and how rules are changed in the middle of the game. I want to know and READ where INNO through their CM stated Discord will be the focus channel as of now and forums is as of now second tier.
The initial announcement was leading to a transition period, Where is this transition? Are you really serious in punishing or not listening players not reporting on Discord?!
Edited: minor spelling, and Jerry, I do not need a translator as you kindly suggested.


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It happened the same to me, I reported a bug and got the reply that was already reported on Discord.
Mmmwell ... I'm 100% sure I will not bother to report anything anymore. To be honest, I am thinking a lot of leaving Beta entirely. The game is a time hog and with these changes, I don't feel it worth my time to play here.

Same feeling here. Same goes for the new small city I started to have a look at the techtree from a new perspective and to see how well a small city does with the events. Or any of the other test-cities scattered about a whole bunch of servers.
Why bother? I'm not joining Discord, so basically there will be no way to report anything anyway. So it will save me quite a bit of time not to have to maintain those anymore. Coming to think of it, no longer having to check the forums for news will save quite some time too.
Of course, it means no money spent on those cities anymore either.

Deadeye Jerry

Community Manager
Elvenar Team
Hello, after careful consideration, every bug in the last 2 weeks that was reported both on the discord and the forum from different players, both players will be rewarded but from now on, only bugs reported on the discord server will be rewarded.

I will reward your diamonds within 60 minutes, if some of you don't get their reward, please hit me up on discord.