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Vaeri is leaving Elvenar Beta


Community Manager
Hello everyone!

Today I announce my resignation as a CM for Elvenar Beta for the reason of temporarily moving to another Community Management related work field at InnoGames with different responsibilities.

First and foremost, I want to thank our moderators @Amy Steele , @Konys, @Kersepitje, and @Lilyawen.
I think I can speak for everyone in the Elvenar Beta community that we are very grateful for your support. I learned so much from you, since you were always showing me where I can improve and what open tasks lied ahead.
I'm moved by your teamwork and the passion for Elvenar and the Elvenar Beta community that drives you.
I can't help but wish you only the best. You deserve all the applause.

Second, I need to thank the Elvenar Beta community! It was truly a pleasure to serve Elvenar Beta and I think you all deserve what you're wishing for. You're a big bunch of smart and creative people - the passion you have for Elvenar is contagious.
I will forever root for this community and I wish @Deadeye Jerry best of luck for the job - Elvenar Beta is a remarkable place with it's special needs and tasks which makes being CM for it quite challenging but very exciting and fun.

Lastly and on a quick note, since I'm not leaving the company, you may see me again working for Elvenar in the future!