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Fixed 'Using Strengths: Marble' quest description


In this quest I found two little mistakes.

Picture: http://prntscr.com/65mbox

The descriptions second sentence is 'So should look into it!'
I think the better wording would be: 'So you should look into it!' or 'You should look into it!'

The second mistake:
In the tasks:
'Upgrade 2 marble factories'
They are called Marble Manufactories. So to keep the wording consistent it should say that, both words starting with a capital letter.


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Same for the (same) quest on planks :)

Although Planks has a capital letter in this one (still need to fix Manufactories though):D


There is a similar issue with the quest 'Marble Golems'

Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-02-27 23:40:21.png

Note that there also is an overlapping progression bar...

Edit: Sorry, I mixed this up with another screenshot I wanted to post, as it says correctly 'Marble Manufactories'. The reason I took this screenshot is that I got this quest without having a marble boost, forcing me to build a building I really don't want to, the quest even isn't declinable.

Here the other screenshot, showing another inconsistency issue with the quest 'Powerful Earth Connection':
Bildschirmfoto vom 2015-02-28 20:10:46.png
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I play with Elves, and i decline quest, where is description to be good to raise residence to have more ppl, and then says, "atlast 2 buildigs to level 3" something like that, sorry i forgot exactly how quest says, and i rise all residence to level 3 and quest still stay on zero. There not exactly description WHAT to raise to atlast level 3, only says about residence and at the end i decline that quest. I forgot to screen-shot that quest, sorry.
Sorry on if my english is bad :)


Elvenar Team
As both issues in the original post have now been fixed, we'll archive this thread. For any other text-related problems, please create a new thread in the 'Text-related Errors' forum. :)