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Not a Bug Upgrading residence while you have coins in them makes the coins disappear


World: ZZ1
Account: Hoshi

Current: Your residences produce gold continuously over time, until they reach their capacity. You can not collect coins until they reach a minimum level. You can start upgrading residences when they contain coins, but you will never get these coins, so they just "disappear".

Expected: The coins should be collected when you start the upgrade.

Have residences.
Wait until you have some coins in them but you still can not collect them.
Start upgrading this building.
You don't get the produced coins.

(At least ther's no graphic indicating you get it, if you do, please correct me.
On lower levels it's almost nothing, but when you do it many times, it can be a lot. And I don't know if it's the same on higher levels.)

Zarok Dai

Well-Known Member
I have just tried to reproduce this and have been unable to.
In fact I cant even get the popup menu to appear to give me the option to upgrade until I have first clicked once to receive the coins. I will continue to test but at this time I can not confirm it.
If anyone else has information on this happening please share in detail anything you can, thank you.


I believe he is referring to the amount that accumulates in the beginning (after just having already collected) but before it becomes large enough to prompt collection. This amount is lost (small in relation to the capacity) but large enough to make a difference at higher levels.


I made some screenshots, because I think I couldn't write what I wanted. :)

I want to upgrade my lvl. 2 residence to lvl 3
It has 4 coins inside and I am not able to collect it (it has no hovering coin icon above the building).
Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/5v5suj

I open it, get to the upgrade menu:
It says that the upgrade will cost 2600 coins.

I click on the upgrade button:

Before the upgrade I had 42545 coins as you can see on the first pic. Subtract the cost of the upgrade, and you get 39945. The 4 coins are missing. It's not a lot on low levels but it can make a huge difference with lots of buildings and/or on higher levels.


Did you verify that the coins in reserve arent simply "locked" in the building and resume accumulation after construction is done?

Zarok Dai

Well-Known Member
Hoshi, you stated "It has 4 coins inside and I am not able to collect it "
This is correct. A level 2 residence with 4 coins in it has not met the minimum amount of production to be collectible. And as the building was not collectible regardless of whether you wanted to upgrade, these coins are lost when you do upgrade. This is performing the way the game mechanic should and should not be considered to be a bug.


Okay, I understand it now. I thought it was a bug, for me, it would make sense to automatically collect the coins with the upgrade. I play with another game and it does that, that's why I thought.

Thanks for your time and thanks for the explanation.
Have a nice day. :)