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Undocumented changes


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Digged up source for available summonings search terms:
browser beta version currently only filters by:
  1. Part of the building name
  2. Part of the name of the resource that building can produce
  3. Size in format "?x?" (or "?x"/"x?" if you are looking for one of dimensions)
  4. "Set" for set buildings
  5. "Evolving" for evo buildings
  6. "Expiring" for expiring buildings.
Live version currently has only first 2 from this list.


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Recent update added set name to that filter and localization of search terms. Last thing is very questionable, doubt someone would write "Эволюционирующее" (without errors/typos!) instead of "Эво" ("Evolving" instead of "Evo") or any other part of such terms.
It would be much more comfy to change full equality
b == l._("INVENTORY_FILTER|Evolving").toLowerCase()
with partial
Same for other terms.
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