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Undocumented changes


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This is this ... I don't remember that it was ever there either.

Capture d’écran 2023-01-07 113952.png


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When did desktop tournament start cycling to the next open province, like on mobile? I thought we specifically  vetoed this idea.


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Recipes for Witch Summoning Circle, Boblin's Express Service and Red Panda Master now require 8CC+1200SF and pay back 19VV. While that looks ok for 4x4 evos, don't think it's good for 3x3... Probably devs messed up things while fixing 4x4 evo recipes and I should post it in bug reports...


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Yeah, there is a bunch of new building recipes added today. Hope they will replace old culture building recipes and not just be added to them, or it will be a nightmare to get MMM/ELR/UUU...
Artifacts for making animal feed
it's like craft phoenix or bear artifact for 3blueprints and 10k SF then wait a bit and waste it + 2.5k SF to craft 3 pet foods. Great deal, Inno...


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normal pet food recipes are now more expensive: 3CC instead of 2CC:

1650SF per pet food recipe now asks for 1CC in addition too.
Probably they are making next evo more useful by rising up CC costs, new expiring buildings ask for 5CC while old - 4.
Not talking about average 1x1 buildings for 5CC (all 3 of them from that event, I guess):
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