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User Interface [UI] Shortcut to open first available tournamentmap

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Add shortcuts for opening tournament province, fighting and negotiating.

Id like to see a shortcut, T for example.
When you press T while being on worldmap, it would open the first tournament province that isnt on cooldown. ofcourse going from 1 to last.

think this would speed up tournaments a lot for me, looking on the map takes long, and using the tent icon, well if you need to acces page 2 or 3 its also many clicks away.

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it doesnt have to be T, that was an example. and since you cant use the trader on the worldmap, it could be reused.

but while im asking, a shortcut to choose between the Negotiate (N or 1) and Fight (F or 2) would be handy aswell.

Id love to be able to do the whole tournament with only keyboard, the clicking is killing my wrists.

after those 2 things all it would need is a 1 2 3 4 5 shortcut to select the units, and a B T M (barracks, training groudns, mercenary camp) to switch the tabs of units.
Then i would be perfectly happy.

I know im not asking for much :D thats why i only mentioned the T shortcut in the suggestion, it would allready be a big help =)