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Tunan's Intro


Active Member
Hi Players,Members & Moderators,

I am Tunan Tahmid Afeef.I live in Bangladesh.I am a little non-literate since our country is new(not older than 50 years) but I will use Google Translate because I read the forum rules 3 times!You can call me Tunan or Tahmid but don't call me Tuna Fish :mad: ;) I hope we will get friends soon.

1.Elvenar-Fantasy City Builder Game
2.SuperMechs-Build your Super Mech.
3.Destiny 2
4.Battlefield 5

Game stats:
Chapter-9,almost Chapter-10 fellow :D
more than 124000+ score.
In a top 200 FS
Playing for more than 1 year,almost 1 & a half o_O

Beta Stats:
Halfway through Chapter-1
More than 500+ score :(
In a top 1500 FS xD I built it.Hope that others will join
Playing for almost a week o_O

~Happy Building~