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Truth be told


Good day everyone!

Truth be told, I never thought that IMMO is going to ever make another good / acceptable game. After Joomla (or how that survivor...ish game was called), Tribal Wars 2 or Rising Generals I thought that they lost it. I playerdTribal Wars for almost 8 years now, on a daily basis and tried a bit of Forge of Empires (not that much though) so I have been around this company for some time.

I got my beta key 8 hours ago and since, I have been playing Elvenar. It looks like a swamped, fantasy version of Forge of Empires but somehow, it feels different and at least for me, a bit more attractive. It is raw and unpolished but it has huge potential.

There is work to be done but at this point, in the open beta, sure it stands better than other INNO games. Maybe it needs just a bit of personality. More immersion in what it claims to be a fantasy world. Some attention to details, like combat information and please, don't overcomplicate it :D Keep it neat.

Best wishes!


Lots of work to be done and i'm sure everyone involved with Elvenar is doing just that. Many people have already shared some great ideas on this forum, and if you have any yourself, feel free to share it with us. Don't forget to check if anyone else has posted a similar idea though ;)

Have fun playing the game :)