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Trading Cooperation in my world

Discussion in 'Beta 1' started by sorella, May 14, 2015.

  1. sorella

    sorella Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2015
    hi players in my world or better to say in my trader,

    I'm near at the end of the game, nothing really to do any more.
    But in future I would not hesitate to help others to get goods via trader by building a trading line.
    I do so since weeks now.

    2 things you should consider, if you want me to get you into my trading line:
    a) contact me, that I know, you are interested and need X and Y goods
    b) I'm not interested in giving more/less than I get for those goods which I only trade in line to others,
    so that does only work for players, who put there goods 1:1 (consider the tradingfee!!) into the trader.

    how it works:
    if I know, a player needs good X and I can get this in my trader (but don't need it for myself),
    I can hand that over to that player. That does work best if we make an appointment, when both of us are online, so that the acceptor can do this in the minute I'll offer the good.

    From now on I will put a very uninteresting offer into my trader, that hopefully never is accepted,
    only reason is: you can see, if I am in your trader or not ;)
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  2. it's a pity I've not discovered your town yet...;)
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  3. Orlando

    Orlando Member

    May 1, 2015
    Good idea!!!
    i.e. can you see my offer in the trader (for silk?)
    o_O I can't see yours...
    I think there is a restriction in the trader.... ref. traders and goods?
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  4. Yes, you cannot trade with all the Elvenar's players :)
    I believe there is a maximum of 200 players ;)
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  5. sorella

    sorella Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2015
    the restriction in the trader is:
    if you are not in my world (discovered or you have discovered me) or not "near enough" (don't know, if somebody knows what that exactly is) to my world,
    you are not in my trader.
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  6. Yes, I think you're not so far to the truth ;)
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  7. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    Last days I wrote a letter to my active neighbours to offer help in what everyone may need.
    There were 3 answers out of 12 active players....
    I would give them help with trades and walk the worldmap to give culture, coins or Builders Bonus....
    It seems, they cannot understand (I've written in english) or do not want or need help, so far.
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  8. I've done the same thing, dear MagicLucy, but I've been more lucky. I've about 12 neighbours active and we help each others every day :)
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  9. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    Woooow :cool: you really have to feel lucky.
    Either my neighbours cannot speak or insufficient english (alternatively they are completely absent) and for sure some of them perhaps are the greedy or lazy.
    Anyway, I try to help and somewhen they grew, and all will get better
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  10. Yes, I am MagicLucy.
    Since the first weeks I was playng to Elvenar, my neighbours were active :)
  11. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    Thats fine. I'm not a jealous person and I'm happy for you :) and some other players who are having active and helpful neighbours. I'm a fighter in life and also in game :cool:
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  12. Rhinowarrior

    Rhinowarrior Guest

    Im end game too, Im just buying goods and posting 1.5 just to help and still my offers sit there. We all have the same goods I guess.
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  13. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    My surrounding suffers the same. All need the same. Almost all produce the same. And to solve provinces I need to gain goods that I cant get.... (ok, exept at the wholesaler) :rolleyes:
  14. sorella

    sorella Well-Known Member

    Jan 28, 2015
    in my world it is the same since month:
    there are only 2 players which offer and accept goods which are different from all the others
    (and to one of them 2 I worked hard and expensive to get him discovered, while the other is a nearby neighbor. But that nearby neighbor unfortunately has in tier 3 elixier as boosted goods, as all we others, so he reaches my needs only in tier1 and tier2.

    tier3 I get nearly always from the wholesaler.
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  15. I hope that as soon as possible, your neighbours could be more active...even if it's not easy happens that...:(
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  16. Great idea !
    I will do the same ;)
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  17. I've already done the same thing in the past, and fortunately many of them have answered me so I daily polish or give coins depending on their personal preferences :)
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  18. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    Actually I'm helping with trades too. I'm selling cheap and also buy from undiscovered ppl (yes, paying fee... ). It seems to work. The activities at the market have increased now.
    Additional I'm trying to be a good example (dont know a word which is fitting better atm) in helping others and hope, ppl will follwo this model.
  19. Compliments about that, MagicLucy: that lives up to you! If we only could be neighbours...:)
    I'm not able yet to trade goods with not discovered players 'cause I've not yet so many quantity of goods to exchange :(
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  20. MagicLucy

    MagicLucy Guest

    Lucky you. I'd wish I had got some more answers. As I wrote in english I think, many ppl doesnt speak this language. May be they're embarrassing themselves... wonder why. Wonder also, what else I coud do to bring live in this world.
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