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Trader Unurium Production: upgrade to level 7


Well-Known Member
Does the Trader produce the same quantity of Unurium once upgraded to level 7?
As it does increase size, it would mean a lower Unurium production per square. That seems kind of wrong, does not it?

Lovec Krys

Well-Known Member
Yes, it does, unurium production is independent of Trader level - as is seed production.
Unurium production is 10% of your working population + pick up bonus 1% from your consumed culture.
Seed production is <Finished(cleared) provinces>*<Town Hall level> + pick up bonus <wonder levels>*<Town Hall level>.
If you play on PC, you can hower over the production description and see it. If you play on mobile only, i have no idea if this info is there or not.