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Trader [Trader] How about adding Trading Quests? - to encourage people to trade more!

Are you in favor of this idea?

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Well-Known Member
How about make 1 million times 5 minutes workshop and get a free city expension
Or even 2.5 million times to keep players busy a few months..n or more
The idea about a online game is to keep people online so keep them busy.
10.000 times 15 minutes and get 50 diamonds

Now we get coins and tools at high levels who needs them

they dont think about the old quests anymore thats why they start every month with some other quest
And hope we shut up

maybe tell them to get out of the box and start thinking more about making it a bigger deal


Well-Known Member
remove trade from notifications, lots of players need their notifications to be able re visit their neighbours who helped them back. Hence they never post trades and only accept them.
this, or just listen to player feedback and increase the time window for notifications
the notifications as they are now are poor and crappy
we need to be allowed to view notifications for more than 9 pages - the last one being not complete (only 2 lines)
if game designers really want us players to post more trades, they should first make sure that accepted trade notifications do not come in the way of other useful notifications, such as first and foremost neighbourly help !