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Implemented [Trader] Button/Checkbox to report the same offers

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Implement a button/checkbox to repost your last offer in the trader.

When putting up offers on the market, I'd like to have a button or checkbox which I can use to repost the same offer (so I won't have to fill in all the numbers every time, when I want to put multiple similar offers on the market).

More user friendly (less clicks/typing).

Possible downsides
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You mean, the notification of an accepted trade offer should have a button, that you can click to make the same offer at the market again? This could be helpful indeed.


Even more reasons for me to ignore the notifications board. I liked how it was and now it is filled with meaningless trade notifications.


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Actually factually, I'm more interested in who is buying my trades, than in who is visiting my city.

But I agree with your essential point. I'd PREFER a notification list that had one line per message, with an ACTIVE icon for the folks who I've visited recently. We now have a similar feature in the FoE Event History, going back 5 days, and it's simply WONDERFUL.

I walk the list every day, and the leftover people on my social bar (on the world map) are the folks who are NOT visiting me. Once a week I try to prime the pump, but for the most part I just ignore the deadwood.


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Isn't this already implemented?
When I post a trade I get a pop-up saying it's been posted, I click accept, then I can just hit post again.
There currently is no need to "
have to fill in all the numbers every time, when I want to put multiple similar offers on the market