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User Interface Tournament next battle selection menu.

Bor de Wolf 1965

Well-Known Member
Good day all,

I like to do the tournament battles in a manual way just to spare on soldiers and sometimes even win a battle that the auto fight system lets me loose.
If I select a province with the tournament tent menu, fill up the 5 slots with troops and press the Auto. Fight button, I always come back to this menu. If I do the same but use the manual Fight option I never come back to this menu.

Is there any reason why we never get back to the same menu or is it something simple like flipping a switch that someone forgot in the past?

So my request: flip the switch and let also the manual fighters go back to the next battle selection menu that the auto fighters get.


Well-Known Member
Oh. You want the province selection menu to return. I wonder if this could be combined with another suggestion, that the menu return to the current page. I think that was in the US Forum.
This menu also automatically returns when catering.