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Three new five-day military buildings


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Three new five-day military buildings, now on Special Offer in Live Worlds

There has been no official announcement about these:
  • are they coming to crafting?
  • will the attributes remain the same, as 175%?
  1. Light Melee Monument +175%
  2. Enlightened Light Range +150%
  3. Magnificent Mage Multiplier +150%
  4. Heavy Melee Shrine +175%
  5. Heavy Ranged Powerup +150%



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I don't have this offer in my Live game - en1.elvenar.com. Does anyone know whether this is another of Inno's 'selective audience' sales or whether this may appear on other servers at another time? I've seen that happen with other types of sale, some of which I see while others don't. I do recall Karvest mentioning that the new LM, HM, and HR 5-day buildings have actually been in the game files for a long time, but that's all I know! Thanks.