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The new version of the Simplified Combat Chart is now ready!


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1. Our Simplified Combat Chart has been updated to include all the new Fighter Types:

There was an error in the chart - I just fixed it!


You are welcome to share it if you like, as long as you include an attribution to the creator and the FB group.

It is being constantly updated though, so it would be better to Bookmark it rather than Copy!

The Guide to using this Chart is available to share here as well:


2. We are looking for Elvenar tutorial videos for our new YouTube Channel.

If you have some good ones that you would like to share, or if you are talented at making these - contact me!

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i am not sure that chart is actually correct with current game and also i would use currect unit's icons and colors

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The chart is wrong:
* Light Ranged units are strong against Mages and Heavy Melee and WEAK against Light Melee and Heavy Ranged.
* Mages are strong Against Heavy Melee and Heavy Ranged, and weak against Light Melee and Light Ranged.

Those are the first things I noticed when looking at the chart.


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Oh dear!

There is a glitch with the chart - caused by them moving the Mages from position number 5 on the old chart to position number 3.
I will fix it first thing tomorrow!