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Discussion The Harvest Festival

Deleted User - 60107

2 sets of Set Buildings
More set buildings Ewww! And they seem to take a huge amount of space, too! Thanks, but no, thanks! I'll pass on the set buildings.


I absolutely adore the design of the main prizes buildings, especially the 2nd and 3rd.

But not so happy with the benefits of these buildings. Low culture, some populatie (which I don't really need) and goods which I'm sure I not going to need as an extra. I need Culture, Mana and Seeds


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I am working on Amuni and needless to say have little space so normally I would be looking for some good population building prizes that would let me eliminate some old event buildings and make more room. But right now I am sitting with more than 17k in free population because I have had to eliminate T1, T2 and T3 goods buildings. I just don't need the goods and have no space for them.

And the level 30 workshops produce more than enough supplies for me. Haven't even upgraded all of mine to that level. Just no need.
I wish I had a use for the coin and supplies instants that I keep collecting but again, there just isn't a need. If I visit all the neighbors I have discovered I can collect over 12000 K in coins. More than enough to refill the treasury.

In later chapters progress is controlled by guest race items and sentient goods. Mana and seeds less so. I don't need culture, supplies, population. So unless I see something really great in the prizes I won't be bothering with the event. Of course if thee were more expansions to be earned through exploration, not bought with diamonds, I would be more interested.


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It looks sooo beutifull :D I dont care about space no more, I simply have less ordinary buildings :) looking forward to see all prizes :)


I have no place. 9,500 diamonds for the next expansion. Why not propose improvements, améliorations to already existing sets. With the Amuni guest race, I am forced to destroy my current sets.


May I ask, wether this Festival already installed on App?

Because I received Tickets for Quest s there :(

Or should I report it in the Bug Part?o_O

Deleted User - 62044

don't like set, so 2 set???..... I hate, maybe some daily reward is worth it, the big prizes do not interest me at all and they do not give anything interesting, big huge and little benefit


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Second set is very good, IMHO. Can replace at least one T2 and one T3 manufactory. Better than small daily buildings.

Golden Awaken

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Greetings everyone,

Just one question about the 2 Sets Buildings. Do they need to be connected to the MH? There's no indication that says so ;)
Thanks in advance, Kind Regards, GA