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Discussion The Forbidden Ruins


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some pictures set is 7x6 big






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Vielleicht gibt es ja eine entsprechende Extra-Erweiterung :mit den Augen rollen:

Edit (SyreArca):
"Maybe there is a corresponding extra extension: roll your eyes:"
(English only on the Beta Forum please :))
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event just started in Australia and I am unable to access the daily prize/game section. It won’t open. Is there an issue?


Have the same problem on mobile (Android) i can open the quests. But not the part where you can get yhe prizes


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I really like that events are starting this year right in the beginning of January. During last couple of years, we haven´t seen the first event sooner than in the end of it (while hitting live servers in February) and it wasn´t anything else than Carnival event - which we saw 3 times already. So glad to see this change in the pattern.


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I was looking at the map with the beacons and can't exactly remember what was my strategy last time but I do remember I ended up having hard time getting all the set pieces, so...

Is there some obvious strategy if you would be just going after the set pieces ?

PS. I think it had something to do with the extra "currency" that can be won from beacons.
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@Skillpowers I can't find ... no pictures, no explanation of how it works. how many kinds are there? nothing
you posted 2 pictures of 75+100% so lets asume right now there are 2 of them and maybe in the future they will be available in the
magic academy. and the explanation is in the picture you posted, it says what it does.


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I still would have liked a little more explanation on these new instants... Is that too much to ask?

We don't know at all if they'll be coming to the academy and how many there are.

But as usual no communications from Inno

Hazel Caballus

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In the silver and gold league you can now get a building of your choice from the old pilgrim’s manor set. While I appreciate the chance that people are able to get missing buildings from previous events, I think this option should be more accessible than just to the top 5% of players. I liked the way how to obtain the old phoenix artifacts - converting the new artifacts into old ones. This way people do have to pay a price for getting the old ones (because it was 3 new artifacts for 1 old artifact, if I remember correctly, so nobody could get a fully evolved new building and level the old one at the same time). But it was an option which was available to everybody.
These times the options to get old event buildings are getting more and more p2w without any chance to get there without paying a really big amount of diamonds (this was also true for the last event).


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Vitality surge instant can be used right after the fight in the results window:


After pressing the "heart" button it´s possible to choose vitality surge instants (similarly to boosters when skipping the production) to heal a number of percent (depending on the power of the instant) of squad size. What´s a clear benefit is that this instant gets really powerful in higher tournament enocunters, where the squad size increase a lot and hence it heals many more units compared to the small squad sizes in the first encounters.

It is also possible to use them between the waves of spire battles.