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The coolest of the month

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Goal of games:
We give two points a day for people of our choice. Either a point for two members or two points for one member.


- Do not post " 2 points to those who vote for me." This will not be counted. Moreover, this is the coolest of the month , if you do this , you are not necessarily appreciated ... So to do this prohibition. It is also forbidden to vote for yourself.
- You can post once a day , with positive points! No negative points !
- You have to vote for someone who is on the forum.
- Five points will be removed disruptive or who cause conflicts on the game.
- Nicknames must be noted explicitly or nicknames with easy to recognize in order to be valid. If the nickname has nothing to do with the real name thank you to put the real nickname between brackets.
- The spam will not be tolerated on this topic , think of those who count the points.
- The points will be counted every month. After each month , all points fall to 0. If you are the coolest of the month, you can put +3, instead of +2. I 'll update the rankings each month.
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+1 Alexander1972
+1 Miyareva
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+1 Amorya for alway writing in purple
+1 Katwijk for the new game explaining signature


well thank you Lord Jirre :oops:
+2 Marindor is my todays vote:cool: ( cos i need to start from the begining ;) )