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Discussion Summer Mermaids Event


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Feedback for Summer Mermaid event:
- Some quests did not come with an alternative, for example the Vision Vapour. This makes it hard for new cities to even attempt the event, and yet it came up frequently
- The coin and supplies were tough, and often called for a distortion of the city
- Some players finished the whole thing and cycled endlessly, while some player got half the Upgrade Artifacts of other events. That is just wrong
- There was no daily quest to move the event forward

But I think the strongest point I can make is this:
Most of the time an event is announced, it is greeted with cheers. Hooray, an event. They take a finite amount of effort, so if anyone wants to devote a fair bit of space, they can fly through and then have 2 or 3 weeks off. Not so this time. Overall, I think the idea had some good points, but the end goal got lost along the way.
Thanks for the cool buildings but most of all
Thanks for giving us our cities back today :)


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Overall I like the mermaid event and I liked the endless quests, but I think there should be a skip button. If the skip button started at 12 hours and increased by 12 hours it really would limit how often it could actually be used, and an alternative to time could be diamonds...