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Discussion Summer Mermaids Event


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Elvenar Team
Dear Humans and Elves,

Please find the announcement for our new Summer Event here and let us know what you think about it!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team


Don't like the extra click needed to claim the reward. :(

Very uninspiring and disappointing loading screen.
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Lovec Krys

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I somehow miss the daily building sets, will there be only evolving buildings in the future?
Not sure if the main reward is worth it's place in my main city, but maybe worth in the rest.


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@Marindor as Mauriel during her questline mentioned (in last quest), mermaids will bring a music with their arrival. Does it mean, we can expect new background music as we had in last year´s summer event?


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is there something missing

usually quest has 2 part
part A...non-daily quest
part B...daily quest ...

it seems I only have part A
no part B ??


To be able to achieve this open end, we are adding a little twist to the system. Because of this, you might notice that your personal quest requirements may at certain points differ from the ones your fellow players are getting. But worry not, thanks to the way the game chooses these requirements, every player will face a very similar difficulty curve in the event and you will see a great variety in tasks within this open-ended quest line.



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@Marindor it´s a pity. This event literally asks for some new, fresh, beach related music.

Anyway, I looked at the new evolving building - mermaids paradise and I think it´s final production (KP instant) is quiet out of balance. When I compare this building with stonehenge, stonehenge produce 4 KPs per 48 hours. Paradise does only 3 KPs, whilst KP instant is less valuable than KP (instants we can use only in wonders, classic KP in wonders and tech tree as well). Therefore, I think it´s production should be a bit higher. Maybe 2x 3 KP instant would be good, just to be comparable with stonehenge.
If the explanation of this is that we can store instants as many as we want (unlike classic KPs, what cause not increasing number after reaching 10), I don´t think this excuses that (in my opinion bigger) disadvantage I mentioned above.


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I think that the single quest line my make it easier to take into consideration the two standard ones as well. Also with this being indefinite, there isn't the pressure to finish a finite list. I still prefer having a greater proportion of short events but I am getting short of supply instants in en1 :)


There is a bug ... Quest "Invest 10 Knowledge Points into any Kind of ancient wonder"

I invested the Points into ancient wonders of my neighbours, but the mermaid doesn`t `count. Shows 0 Points. (Sorry for my english, i`m german :oops: and my english is not perfect) I don`t have a own ancient wonder.