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Summer Mermaids Event


Community Manager
Elvenar Team

Dear Humans and Elves,

Mermaids from near and far have heard of your deeds to restore their Queen's memories. They have swum to your cities, bringing the nice, relaxed feeling of summer with them, as well as some other friendly creatures from under the sea. Can you help them set up the most awesome beach party Elvenar has ever seen?

Between now and August 16th you can solve their quests to gain Corals, which you can use to open shells containing Daily Rewards and other prizes, including a lot of awesome new reward buildings. By opening shells, you will also acquire Pearls which fill up the Grand Prize bar. Corals can also be found in the surroundings of your city.

Between these Grand Prizes, you will find some Mermaid Artifacts, which you can use to evolve this event's special evolving building:The Mermaids Paradise.

(4x4 Population + Culture and more bonuses depending on chapter and stage)

Just like last time, Corals will be added to the Mystical Chest as well.

And that is not all, for we have something new to share: In this event, you cannot run out of quests anymore! As you join Mauriel and her friends in the quest to collect more Corals, you will notice that there is no more hard end to the quest line. Keep working on all the tasks you get and you can keep gathering as much Corals as you wish. To be able to achieve this open end, we are adding a little twist to the system. Because of this, you might notice that your personal quest requirements may at certain points differ from the ones your fellow players are getting. But worry not, thanks to the way the game chooses these requirements, every player will face a very similar difficulty curve in the event and you will see a great variety in tasks within this open-ended quest line.

We wish you a lot of joy with this year's Summer Event and would love to hear your feedback in our discussion thread!

Kind regards,
Your Elvenar Team

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that there can always be differences in event layouts, balancing and prizes between Beta and Live release.