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Hello, I'm known as Tabiko (by myself) and i decided to make an introduction for these forums for the game known as Elvenar.
As i said before i'm Tabiko, A.K.A. Tomato, A.K.A. Mexican, though none of you know me by those names. My real name is Julio, i'm from Mexico and at the moment i'm 18 years old. I decided to apply for the beta since i have always had an interest for this kind of games, though i have never found one that has actually made me want to keep playing it.
That'll be all for what will be known as my introduction, please feel free to ask me any question if you have further interest about me.

Also, i have a question for you guys!. When building a city what do you look for more, Aesthetics or Functionality?
-Personally i prefer aesthetics rather than functionality.

P.D. spare me for any spelling/grammatical error i did, as English is not my mother language. And please point them out as it would help me get better at English!.


Welcome to Elvenar forum, have fun!
...and don't care about spelling, we'll understand it. ;)


Hello :)
Answering your question, I usually try to build my city in a functional manner, yet it has to look neat.


Thanks for the welcome guys, i agree with your pint ashantess!, but i still prefer it to look good (at least in my opinion).


Welcome to Elvenar.
I prefer functionality at first and then only secondly how it looks.